The After Party

a Workshop follow up

I can't thank you all enough for attending my very first workshop. I had SO much fun! I hope you did too! Don't forget to join our Facebook group. I'll post my favorite supplies for hand lettering/calligraphy, inspiration and ideas, resources for you, and special discount codes for future workshops, and photo booth photos for any of you that asked us to take them with my camera. I hope you'll post photos of everything you're lettering on too! I would love to follow along and see everyone's progress! The more you do it, the more confident you'll be! Click on the button below to join! 

A very Thankful Cocktails and Calligraphy Workshop

If you haven't already, I would really appreciate it if you could take this short survey. I wanted this to feel like a beautiful party with dear friends... If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, I'm all ears! I hope to make the next workshop even better! Click on the button below to take the quick survey! 

guestbook tree.jpg

Guestbook trees 

I realized I didn't do a great job explaining what your trees actually are/how they work at the workshop. This is how a finished tree looks. The pens you received, the stamp pad, the paper and the ink it was printed with are all archival. This means the tree will last forever (or at least 200 years). The idea behind the guestbook tree is that everyone that comes to an event, whether it be Thanksgiving, a party, a wedding, a reunion, or just people you love, will use the stamp pad you received and leave their thumbprint and signature on the tree. The thumbprint becomes a leaf. I wish I had thought of this for my wedding day, over 9 years ago. Some of our guests are all grown up and their finger prints aren't so little anymore! Others are no longer with us. It would have been such a sweet way to hold on to a small piece of them. So, I hope you all will use yours and cherish it! 

You can read more about the tree here

A special thank you

A big thank you to Salon Sorellina, Black bird bakery, and Relax, It's Just Coffee! Be sure to tell them how great they are! 

Let our lives be full of both Thanks and Giving

hand lettered art

In case anyone one would like another try with the hand lettered art, you can down load it it here: Let our lives be full of both Thanks and Giving. I've made this as easy as possible, it's set up to print on a standard piece of typing paper (8.5 x 11) but the letters are within 8 x 10 dimensions, so it will be a breeze to frame! 

Since sending happy mail feels so good, I'm giving everyone the downloadable version here: So Very Thankful for You This is set up to print as a 5 x 7, but all of these are high resolution, so you can print larger or smaller if you prefer. 

two big mistakes!!! 

Oh! my! gosh! I can't believe I left a page out of your workbooks. Sorry, everyone. Download it here: STEP 6. Be sure to read it over, because it's probably my favorite step, and the one that takes your lettering to a whole new level! 

 Also, just as the workshop wrapped up Saturday, I had a moment where I realized I had used the wrong pen to write on the mugs I finished up the night before. So, some of your mugs may or may not wash off! I'm hoping it will stay, as the ink was baked on, but it isn't a pen I've tested. If it does wash off right away, let me know so that I can get you a new one! Or you can touch it up with a gold oil based sharpie. I'll post the link to the sharpies I use in our Facebook group this week! 

Christmas workshop 

You guys are officially the first to know: I just reserved the same location for a Holiday themed workshop for December 3rd. I'll post more information soon! Including a special discount code for you sweet girls! Thanks again, new friends!