Selecting the Right Custom Stamp: To Handle or Not to Handle

Ordering a pretty little hand calligraphed stamp but not sure about that fancy handle? 99% of customers choose this complementary add on, but I'll let you in on a secret: I pass on the handle for my own stamps. Without the handle in the way, I have more control over the stamp and can really get a good grip. This makes the overall impression come out a little better than it might have otherwise.  

Still, there are a lot of cases where I would definitely recommend adding it...

Custom Rubber Stamps by Erica Hammer Calligraphy: How to decide if you want a handle

Reasons to add the handle: 

It's a gift. 

When gifting a custom stamp, I love the handle add-on option. It's a little something extra that gives a polished look, making the stamp feel finished and even more special than it already was. 

You're going to use it 1000 times a day. 

If you're going to slap your shiny new "Fragile" stamp on a zillion outgoing packages a day, add that handle. It will speed things up, and look great at the same time! 

Your stamp is huge. 

If you're ordering a stamp that is too large for you to maintain a sturdy grip, the handle becomes a necessity. 

You love the look. 

Just like we wear uncomfortable shoes because they are so darn cute, if you really love the look of the handle, add it!  It won't make a huge difference. Just be extra careful to apply even pressure.  

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