Love Potion: Cocktail Recipe for Galentines Day Party

At my last calligraphy workshop. I wanted to serve up a signature cocktail that was just as fun as it was tasty. With the help of my hubbies cousin, Will Brandstetter, an ex mixologist, now staring along side Food Network star Alton Brown in the "Eat Your Science" tour (so cool!!) I think we pulled it off. 


HANDLE DRY ICE WITH CARE! NEVER let ANY skin come into contact with dry ice! Before you serve this up, make sure everyone is well aware that they cannot start sipping until the dry ice has COMPLETELY dissolved (just before it completely disappears, the foggy affect will stop and it will float to the very top).

Love Potion Dry Ice Drink Recipe

I knew I wanted to add dry ice to give our signature cocktail that mysterious "potion" like feel, but knew nothing about coming up with a delicious drink for a large group of people. When I reached out to Will and he started using terms like "elevated" and "infused" I knew it was going to be good! Not only was it delish, but so much fun! I had to pause my class because the drink was so mesmerizing. Everyone whipped out their iPhones and had a blast sharing photos and videos of the bubbling drink in action. 

Valentine's Day Cocktail

Without further ado, this is how we made it: 


In a large punch bowl or something similar mix together the following: 

1 large bottle of Champagne

1/2 bottle of Chambord

1/2 bottle of Stoli Citrus

1 bottle of cranberry juice 

Simple Syrup if desired


A sugar rim, a strawberry, and a small chunk of dry ice 


Do not fill champagne glass all the way, if you'll be adding dry ice. It will bubble over the sides. 

Happy Galentine's Day, friends! Cheers!