Wedding Day Ready Lashes

How to Make Your Real Eyelashes Grow Like Crazy with ONE Product! 

Let me open by saying I do NOT sell this product and was not asked to or paid to write this post. I just stumbled upon something amazing and I think it would be a crime against humanity not to share it with you!--Especially my sweet brides, wanting to know all the beauty tricks in time for their big day! 

I'm not talking about false lashes! 

Fake eyelashes always intrigued, yet terrified me. Who doesn't want longer, fuller eyelashes?! But I had no idea how to put them on, and was sure that they would fall off at the worst moment. So much potential for a total wedding day disaster. Can you imagine one of your falsies falling off as you gently wipe a mid-vow tear with your great grandmother's antique handkerchief?! Beautiful moment ruined. For that reason, I've always skipped fake lashes, put on about 17 layers of mascara, and hoped for the best. Thank goodness, there is a better way... 

When my friend, Melissa showed me her results with this incredible stuff, I had to give it a try.

Before-ish and After (8 weeks):

Here are my totally untouched results (TOP:  Two and a half weeks after starting use. I was already seeing a difference in my lashes and brows. I'm wearing several layers of a mascara containing fibers--You know, that mascara that makes eyelashes look more like tarantula legs. Yuck, but hey, what's a girl to do??  BOTTOM: Eight weeks in. In this one, I'm wearing one coat of cheap-o Maybelline mascara from Target.): 

Now, I'm unsure whether or not I'm a good spokesperson for anything lash related. I'm not, in the sense that I have baby fine hair...and my lashes and eyebrows are no different. I doubt anyone would ever let me in a test group meant to show the full potential of their eyelash product. On the other hand, maybe I am? If this could help my thin and broken lashes and fill in my spotty brows so well, imagine the possibilities for someone starting from a much better place! 

Are you dying to know what I used?! It was...... 

LASH BOOST by Rodan + Fields

Officially, Rodan and Fields' Lash Boost has been proven to provide longer-looking, fuller-looking, darker-looking lashes. Results are seen in 8-12 weeks (sometimes sooner). It has been tested by 6 different ophthalmologists who found it safe for all eyes (including contact wearers), with no weird side effects (like changing eye color). Unofficially, it's flipping magic. 

What I didn't know before I started using Lash Boost:

I didn't know how long it lasted. You can get more than four months out of one container. 

I didn't know I would keep seeing improved results past 8 weeks. My lashes just keep growing! 

I didn't know that eventually I could stop using it everyday.  Once I reach a point where I'm happy with results, I'll only need to apply Lash Boost a few times a week to maintain. At that point, one vial of LB will last even longer. 

I wasn't sure if it came in the form of a cream, in a dropper, etc. I snapped this photo so that you could see that it is a brush-on serum.

Just one quick swipe across my lash line each day. 

Have questions?

I'm no expert, but you can drop Melissa an e-mail to get more details,  ask about the money back guarantee, or find out how you can get 10% off every time you order. 

Stay tuned and maybe next week you'll find out what my nose looks like. ;)