Q: When can we start? 

A: Your initial deposit reserves a spot on my design calendar. You probably won't hear too much from me until we get close to your scheduled time. This allows me to dive deep and focus fully on each client, rather than juggling 26 couples at once! While certain times of the year fill up fast, I try to leave open spots here and there to accommodate last minute orders. 

Q: How does this work? 

A: When we reach your design date on my calendar, I will refer to your completed custom invitation questionnaire and I will create a very rough draft for you. This draft will give you a feel for the overall layout and wording of everything. If needed, we can re-work this to get it just right. Once approved, I will move onto your final wedding day stationery. 

Q: What is included when I order invitations?

A: Invitation design typically covers set up and calligraphy of the invitation, response card, and a return address. These can be done in full or partial calligraphy, depending on your style. 

Q: I have my own printshop. Do I have to use yours? 

A: No, please feel free to print wherever you like! But please, make sure your printer is a good one! I suggest ordering a proof first. Prints should be crisp and beautiful, just you envisioned! Upon completion I will send you a high resolution file, all ready for print! 

Q: Do you offer different calligraphy styles? 

A: Yes! I offer three unique styles. All of them are lovingly handwritten and treated just as artwork, with careful consideration given to each and every letter and how it affects the overall composition. You can see a example of each style here: 


Fancy and flourished, this calligraphy style is timeless.


Simple and beautiful, this style is perfect for the minimalist couple. 


The best of both worlds, a perfect marriage of my formal and organic calligraphy. 

See close ups and more variations here: