No two invitation suites are alike (not around here, anyway)! With so many options to pick from, here is the what's what of each. Need more clarification on something? Just ask

Calligraphy Styles: 

Within each style, letters will always vary. My approach to calligraphy is that of an artist: I consider the entire composition and create each letter accordingly. But, the overall feel of each letter will consistent with your favorite style throughout the pieces created. 

Style 1.png


Lots of ornate flourishes for the fanciest of fetes! Often, letters from one line go on to complete another, in a very thoughtful way that could never be computer generated. 

Style 3.png


Minimalistic, on trend style. 

Style 2.png


The very best of both worlds: the perfect combination of my flourished and organic styles! Perfect for the traditional bride who loves a modern twist!


Pointed Pen Calligraphy 

Written the traditional way, with a pointed, copperplate nib dipped in ink. 

Method Watercolor.png

Brush Lettering 

Lettering is created by applying and reducing pressure to a paintbrush dipped in watercolor or gouache. 

Levels of Calligraphy

Partial Calligraphy

Calligraphy is mixed with a modern block text. 

Modern Grecian Wedding Inspriation Styled Shoot-All Images-0181.jpg

FUll Calligraphy

The entire invitation suite is written in calligraphy.